How to Help

Rosi helps out!

1. Donate Funds

Contribute to our GoFundMe, and help us raise money to produce PPE for frontline workers.

2. Help from Home

Let us know how you'd like to help! Some options include:

  • Joining our team of fabricators 3D printing and fabricating face gear from home
  • Joining our team of logistical professionals coordinating from home
  • Donating materials or tools you may have at home

3. Share Face Gear Friday with Your Network

Spread the word! Face Gear Friday is on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Share our story with your friends and family, and help us grow our team.

4. Thank a Healthcare Professional

If you have a family member, friend or just pass a nurse walking down the street, go out of your way to thank them for their bravery and services.